Hi, I'm Sheila. To friends and family I am also She, She-She, Lil Red. I could  tell you my life story here but where's the fun in that? You'll get to know me more through my writing as we journey forward. Below paints the opening canvas with glimpses of my shimmering facets just as a way of welcoming you:

I am a native Texas cowgirl with a rock n roll gypsy soul, The Seamstress for the band, a High Priestess witch/earth goddess, a child of the Universe, a daughter of The Great Spirit. I am an eclectic spiritualist and philosopher… I am a protector of Mother Earth and Sister to the Moon at night… I am the wise owl in the tree and the coyote’s cunning…The She-Wolf's loyalty... The hawk's keen eye.

 I am a mother, a daughter, a sister, a friend, a teacher, a student. I am a drinker of audacious elixirs, a foodie with excellent culinary skills; I am a singer of songs, a writer of lyrical words, a shining star in someone's night sky, a romantic imaginative creature of the night. I am the passion found in music, the adventure in the journey, the whisper on the wind, the magic in the moon, the spark behind desire.  I am the light that shines in the darkest place, I am a dreamer with a mission, I am the step in a dance that is just begun… I am the eye for imagination, the darer of temptation... I am the art of many canvases.... some complete, some in process and many yet to be. 

I am Grace under fire, The Wolf's Little Red Riding Hood, An Angel with a crooked halo, A Dragon Tamer, A Gentle Warrior, A Magical Journey, I am a Pirate that can bend under the hand of her intriguing Captain... I am a writer of the ever unfolding adventure... I am the song still unwritten to a tune that is ever playing, I am the thought that can never quite leave you, I am the whisper on the wind and the swirl of constant possibility in my lover's eyes... a synchronicity that is serendipitous…

I AM " the girl with the thirsty heart & messy hair"